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We see it time and time again. Insurance companies abide by three strategies: delay, deny, and defend. In an insurance claim, the insurance company will look out for their best interests, not property owners’. Insurance adjusters work hard to prevent property owners and policyholders from being fairly compensated. These tactics include: 

  • Asserting your property damage is due to “normal wear and tear.” 
  • Asserting your property damage is caused by “inadequate maintenance.” 
  • Undervaluing your claim below the policy's deductible. 
  • Failing to respond to policyholder calls or emails. 
  • Denying a claim for no reason at all. 

If you’re dealing with unfair tactics and not getting the compensation you deserve, contact us to speak with a Texas property damage lawyer. We are based in McAllen, Texas, and represent individuals, families, and businesses across the state of Texas, including Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. We can communicate with the insurance company and negotiate the compensation you deserve so you don't have to. 

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Property Damage Cases We Help With

Property damage happens all the time, for many reasons. It’s important for property owners to review their policies and make sure they have the coverage they need.

Homeowners Property Damage Claims

Residential property damage covers natural disasters, and damage to your home from fire, wind, water, flood, hail, tornado, and hurricane. It also covers damage from termite and bug infestations and weakened foundations. A homeowners insurance claim may be for damage to any part of your home, including roofs, solar panels, windows, stucco or siding, or outdoor furniture.

Commercial Property Damage Claims

Commercial property damage claims involve insurance claims for property repairs to commercial property and damages. Your commercial property owners claim can be for funds to repair your building, replace personal and commercial property, and cover the cost of business interruption.

Wind Damage

Even without a hurricane or tornado, severe windstorms can cause extensive damage. Winds can uproot trees or damage roofing, and cause indirect damage from loss of power.

Fire Damage

Homes, businesses, and crops are vulnerable to fire damage from lightning strikes, wildfires, electrical fires, and other causes. Although they are common, fire damage claims can be complicated. Claims may also involve smoke damage and water damage from firefighters. Insurance companies may dispute whether damage may be repaired, or needs to be replaced.

Water Damage

It is very important to distinguish that water damage is different from flood damage. Water damage typically destroys the interior of the home, and does not come from water from water flowing outside the home. Water damage may occur from a defect in a roof, a leaky pipe, a broken dishwasher hose, or even a clogged toilet. Water damage can vary widely depending if it is mixed with sewage or otherwise contains chemicals, bacteria, and/or mold.

Hail Damage

Texas is second only to Minnesota for states with the most hail damage claims. Hail can be very destructive, and in Texas, hail damage from storms is most common from spring to early summer. Hail damage is usually covered by homeowners insurance policies, subject to a deductible. Insurance providers may be reluctant to pay for damage done by hailstorms, especially if the damage is cosmetic.

Flood Damage

Flood damage in Texas is a recurring and costly challenge. Between frequent floods and severe storms, property owners face substantial risks. Our experts at Omar Ochoa Law Firm specialize in flood damage insurance claims, ensuring you receive rightful compensation to recover from these devastating events.

Tornado Damage

Tornado damage can vary widely depending on wind speeds and include roof damage, broken windows, downed trees, damage or destruction to sheds, barns, and other structures, and foundation damage.

Hurricanes are powerful storms that produce heavy rainfall, strong winds, and large-scale flooding. Hurricane damage from wind and wind-driven rain may be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy and a separate flood damage policy.

It is rare, but some homes and businesses suffer property damage from reckless or distracted drivers, or drivers suffering a medical event and driving straight into a building. Typically, the at-fault or responsible driver’s car insurance company policy will pay for structural damage.

Roof Damage

We specialize in assisting with roof damage claims. Our team helps homeowners and businesses navigate the insurance process to secure fair compensation for weather-related damage.

How Our Property Damage Attorneys Can Help You?

Our experienced Texas property damage lawyers can help with all parts of the claims process including:

  • Documentation of losses and damage assessment; 
  • Completing claim form paperwork, including a formal proof of loss statement; 
  • Filing your claim;
  • Negotiating a settlement with the insurance company;
  • Appealing claim denials;
  • Filing a lawsuit against the insurance company (if they refuse to honor a valid claim). 
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Our fee for a property damage claim is a percentage of the money we recover for you, either in a settlement or if necessary, a lawsuit.  There are never any retainers,  upfront fees, or monthly bills to worry about.  We are only paid if we recover money.  

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Mr. Ochoa was able to help us after a hurricane get us more for our property damage. Also great friendly staff was able to answer all questions!!!

Richard Trevino


First time getting a lawyer for an accident, Omar Ochoa Lw firm was very helpful in providing clear instructions and information to help me battle my motor vehicle case. I would highly recommend.

Jodabeni Dondeli


I am highly recommending Omar Ochoa law firm. We had damage to our roof and were not satisfied with our insurance.  Got recommended to Mr Ochoa he really did all he Could to help us get enough to repair our roof.  Staff are also very friendly and helpful.  This currently helps to feel welcome.  Again I highly recommend if you are looking for help with roof repair and you were not satisfied with your insurance reimbursement

Imelda Garza

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FAQs about Property Damage Insurance Claims

What Are the Insurance Company’s Deadlines When Handling Property Damage Claims?

Your insurance company policy will document when your deadlines for notification regarding a claim. Do not delay reviewing your policy or notifying the insurance company. 

Common reasons why insurance claim is denied

An insurance company cannot deny your property damage claim if it is valid - you are legally entitled to be treated in “good faith.” However, there are some circumstances where a claim denial may be valid: 

  • The policy had an exclusion clause.  For example, a home insurance policy may not cover flood damage. 
  • You did not follow certain conditions in the policy, such as filing proof of loss within a specified period of time. 
  • There are suspicious circumstances, such as suspected arson 
  • You did not pay your premiums - your insurer is legally required to notify you before canceling your policy for non-payment of premiums. 

If you receive a denied claim notice you have the right to know why your claim is being denied. Property owners have the right to file an appeal or a lawsuit against the insurance company. Simply refusing to pay a property damage claim despite sufficient evidence to support it is not acceptable. 

What claims are usually not covered by standard policy?

Reading the fine print on your policy is critical; for example, a policy may cover damage from wind and rain but exclude flood damage.  It is common for damage that results from failure to maintain a property to not be covered, including:

  • Colonization of rodents
  • Construction damage
  • Continuous water leaks
  • Earthquakes
  • Getting sick due to air issues associated with junk hoarding.
  • Losses that occurred during extended vacancies/abandonment
  • Sinkholes
  • Termite infestations. 

Deferred maintenance may be cause for discontinuation of an insurance policy.

Is there a Statute of Limitations for Suing Your Insurance Company in Texas?

Every state has a Statute of Limitations, or legal window of time, for a property owner to bring a claim. Once that time period passes (or expires), any claim will be dismissed. In Texas, you have two years from the date of an accident or damage occurring to file a lawsuit to recover damages, and in some cases, court costs. It is always advisable to begin a claim sooner than later so that losses and evidence can be documented and preserved.