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All too often, policyholders like yourself have to deal with unreasonable insurance companies that refuse to pay what they owe. The Omar Ochoa Law Firm represents clients in the San Antonio area and throughout the state who are facing claims denials, underpayments, and other common insurance issues.

If you are dealing with an unscrupulous insurance company engaging in unfair insurance practices, such as refusing to pay what they owe, call our office at (956) 253-3121 to schedule a free consultation.

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Insurance Claims We Handle

Our San Antonio insurance claim lawyers understand the financial consequences that our private and commercial clients experience when their valid insurance claims are denied or underpaid.After years of fighting unreasonable insurance companies, we are confident in our ability to represent and advise you concerning the following types of claims:

Business Interruption

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Property Damage

Homeowners Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Fire Damage

Wind Damage

Water Damage

Flood Damage

Hail Damage

Car Accident Damage

Hurricane & Tornado Damage

Life insurance claims

The last thing any business needs is an insurance company to fail to honor insurance coverage for episodes of business interruption. At the Omar Ochoa Law Firm, we work diligently to ensure that an insurer's bad faith does not prevail over our clients' valid claims for coverage.

Insurance bad faith refers to unreasonable conduct, such as:

  • Unreasonable delays
  • Failure to acknowledge receipt of a claim
  • Settling for far less than a claim's value
  • Failure to explain claim denials

Our San Antonio bad-faith insurance attorneys can help you hold a bad-acting insurance company accountable

Learn More About Bad Faith Insurance

Property owners with insurance expect to have property damage taken care of by their insurance company. But challenges arise during the claim process that can result in a denied or reduced claim. The services of a skilled San Antonio insurance lawyer are instrumental in resolving the issues property owners face.

Learn More About Property Damage

Homeowners' insurance should kick in when you need it the most. But insurance adjusters can present problems during the compensation process. We fight to ensure that homeowner policies are respected and paid out on time and in the proper amount.

Commercial property insurance helps keep your business running smoothly in case of accidents and other similar eventualities. However, some insurance companies needlessly complicate the claims process. Our attorneys fight hard to make sure you get the necessary commercial property coverage.

A fire can reduce a property to ashes in a short period. Fortunately, insurance coverage provides property owners the funds to address the devastation that fires cause. At the Omar Ochoa Law Firm, we do everything we can to secure the coverage payouts to which our clients are entitled.

Learn More About Fire Damage

Strong, sustained winds and gusts have the power to significantly damage structures. They can easily peel off roofing material and blow objects into structures, causing serious destruction. You can count on our team to ensure that your wind damage coverage is honored.

Water damage is among the worst types of property damage. Whether it results from weather-induced flooding or broken pipes, you could be looking at a small fortune to cover your losses. If you have insurance, we can help ensure that you are paid according to your purchased coverage.

Flood damage typically occurs due to extensive, prolonged rain, which causes rivers and streets to overflow. When your home is affected, the costs can be astronomical. The Omar Ochoa Law Firm can help you get the payout you deserve to begin rebuilding your home.

Baseball-sized hail stones are not myths but real weather phenomena that can cause extensive property damage and injury. Even smaller hail stones can do a considerable amount of damage. Our attorneys will make sure you receive the insurance benefits you are entitled to per your policy.

Learn More About Hail Damage

We have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies that offer car insurance policies. Our attorneys have successfully represented numerous accident victims against unreasonable insurance companies that have chosen not to act in good faith when dealing with valid compensation claims.

Property owners depend on their insurance policies to rebuild their lives. Yet many have to deal with difficult insurance companies and their challenges to valid claims. For this reason, it is advisable to hire an insurance attorney in San Antonio to get the policy benefits you deserve.

Life insurance is a lifeline for many people during dark times. Sadly, insurance companies are in the business of denying valid claims. But a claim denial is not the end of the story. Insurance attorneys handle insurance claim disputes for their clients and turn denials into approvals.

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Signs Your Insurance Company Is Acting in Bad Faith

Insurance policyholders expect to be paid when policy-trigger events occur. However, some insurance companies act in bad faith, resulting in delayed, denied, and underpaid policies.

Though often subtle, bad-faith actions on the part of an insurance company are identifiable if you know what signs to look for. These include:

  • Failure to acknowledge notification of a claim
  • Requiring the claimant to produce an unreasonably large amount of documentation
  • Failure to thoroughly investigate the incident leading to the claim
  • Failure to give a reason for denying a claim
  • Giving inapplicable reasons for denying a claim
  • Attempting to settle for far less than the claim is worth
  • Unreasonable and unexplained delays
  • Failure to communicate in a reasonable fashion
  • Withholding material claim information

If you notice any of the above-listed signs when dealing with your insurance company, you may have trouble getting a fair settlement and should contact an experienced San Antonio bad-faith insurance attorney as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, however, that a simple error on the part of the insurance company is not bad faith. That said, many "errors" in concert can certainly indicate bad faith.

In all cases, it is better to err on the side of caution and assume that bad faith is at play if you notice any of the signs of its existence. Because attorneys offer free consultations, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by attending a consultation and case review.

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How Can Our Insurance Litigation Attorney Help You?

The insurance litigation attorneys at the Omar Ochoa Law Firm handle every aspect of your insurance case so you can remain focused on your day-to-day business and affairs. We ensure that your legal rights are respected and reflected in the work and outcomes we achieve for you.

Some of the many tasks we can handle on your behalf include:

  • Thoroughly reviewing your insurance policy
  • Accurately appraising your damages
  • Preparing and filing your insurance claim within allotted periods
  • Handling all correspondence with insurance companies
  • Fiercely negotiating for a proper settlement to be paid promptly
  • Representing you in court if necessary

The compensation process is characteristically adversarial, meaning claimants must often fight to get the payouts they deserve. With an experienced San Antonio insurance lawyer on their side, claimants have a much easier time and higher chances of getting what they are owed.

Whether you need help with a bad-faith insurance claim or a claim based on personal injury law, you can trust the Omar Ochoa Law Office to provide the tenacious representation you need.

How Much Do Our Services Cost?

We accept cases on a contingency basis, which means that the amount you pay is based on our results. In other words, you owe nothing unless and until we are unsuccessful. With such an arrangement, you get to conserve your funds throughout the life of the case.

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Mr. Ochoa was able to help us after a hurricane get us more for our property damage. Also great friendly staff was able to answer all questions!!!

Richard Trevino


First time getting a lawyer for an accident, Omar Ochoa Lw firm was very helpful in providing clear instructions and information to help me battle my motor vehicle case. I would highly recommend.

Jodabeni Dondeli


I am highly recommending Omar Ochoa law firm. We had damage to our roof and were not satisfied with our insurance.  Got recommended to Mr Ochoa he really did all he Could to help us get enough to repair our roof.  Staff are also very friendly and helpful.  This currently helps to feel welcome.  Again I highly recommend if you are looking for help with roof repair and you were not satisfied with your insurance reimbursement

Imelda Garza

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FAQs about Insurance Claims in San Antonio, TX

How long do I have to file an insurance claim in San Antonio?

When filing a claim, you are required to give prompt notice to the insurance company handling your case. What qualifies as prompt notice varies from claim to claim and will usually depend heavily on the terms of the policy in question. Regardless of the specific provisions, it is always a good idea to file your claim as soon as possible.

What types of damages can I recover in a San Antonio insurance claim?

Various types of compensatory damages may be available when you file an insurance claim, including medical costs, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of ability to enjoy life.

The details of your policy will explain the extent of the coverage available to you. Additionally, some cases might result in additional punitive damages if they go before a judge and jury.

What is the average time frame for resolving an insurance claim dispute in San Antonio?

Every insurance claim dispute is unique. For this reason, it is impossible to state an average time frame for resolving these claims.

However, as a general rule, the more complex the insurance claim and issues, the longer the case will likely take. Relatively straightforward claims with few issues can be resolved in as little as a few weeks, with more complex claims taking up to or over a year.

Can I sue my insurance company in San Antonio for denying my claim?

Yes. The Texas Insurance Code gives you the right to sue your insurance company if they deny your claim, but only if it acted in bad faith or engaged in some other illegal activity. In other words, just because you receive a denial does not necessarily mean you have a valid bad-faith insurance claim.

Before exploring this route, it is advisable to consult with an experienced bad-faith insurance lawyer to learn what options you have.