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Contracts are the legal bones of a business partnership. If you believe there has been any violation of your contract, you have the right to take legal action. The Omar Ochoa Law Firm represents a range of clients, from entrepreneurs to small- and mid-sized businesses to large corporations, and he knows how to bring forward a contract dispute claim in an effective and efficient manner. He is not afraid of anyone; he has gone against almost every big law firm throughout the country, and you can trust that he will fight aggressively for your rights in the face of a contract dispute.

Resolving a Dispute

Note that the statute of limitations (time limit for bringing forward a claim) for contract disputes in Texas is 4 years. This means, under Chapter 16 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, that you must bring forward your contract dispute claim within 4 years of the date the breach occurred in order for the court to hear your case. If you fail to do so within the 4 years, you will lose the opportunity to compensation for your damages.

The remedies available for a successful contract dispute claim include recovery of reasonable attorney and court fees, as well as some amount of damages depending on the losses you suffered. To assess a potential award, the court will examine the terms of the contract, which might have already specified the penalties for a breach. If it is not specified, though, the court may order:

  • the defendant to fulfill the contract terms as agreed;
  • damages in the amount lost due to the contract breach (liquidated damage);
  • damages for time lost, including the time it takes to repair damages;
  • reimbursement for incurred expenses;
  • reimbursement for future lost time and money;
  • rescission (the court will cancel the contract and parties will no longer be required to perform);
  • restitution (the defendant must return any gains from the breach).

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First time getting a lawyer for an accident, Omar Ochoa Lw firm was very helpful in providing clear instructions and information to help me battle my motor vehicle case. I would highly recommend.

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I am highly recommending Omar Ochoa law firm. We had damage to our roof and were not satisfied with our insurance.  Got recommended to Mr Ochoa he really did all he Could to help us get enough to repair our roof.  Staff are also very friendly and helpful.  This currently helps to feel welcome.  Again I highly recommend if you are looking for help with roof repair and you were not satisfied with your insurance reimbursement

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