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Isabel Moreno

Isabel Moreno


Isabel Moreno is the Lead Paralegal for the Omar Ochoa Law Firm. She has helped attorneys assist hundreds of clients by managing and organizing mass plaintiff dockets. Her experience includes cases ranging from personal injury, property damage insurance, employment law, construction law, probate law, criminal law, family law, and contract law. Aside from her professional skill set, Isabel is committed to listening to each and every client’s needs. She works hard to provide the compassionate guidance and support clients need to navigate the legal process. Isabel also enjoys leading her team to new heights and helping the staff grow in their positions.

As a McAllen native, Isabel enjoys the perks the Rio Grande Valley has to offer. Visiting the beach and getting some sun, eating "raspas", and going out for a night of dancing are some of her favorite things to do. She does miss the snowy nights in Michigan from her days in college, however. Her passions include singing (for all the office to hear), acting, and if you can believe it, working. She loves spending time with her family, traveling, and raising her brothers and nieces.


Michigan State University


English and Spanish