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Maritime Injury Litigation

McAllen Maritime Injury Litigation Attorney

Seaman, dockworkers, and oil and gas industry employees on offshore rigs usually labor under dangerous working conditions. As a maritime worker, you regularly incur injuries resulting from dangerous conditions on offshore platforms, tankers, barges, rigs, and other water vessels. Accidents caused by cranes, explosions, falling objects, and even slip and falls are common. When you find yourself injured in such circumstances, it can be an ugly situation.

What's worse, because you were injured while on a water vessel, the law treats your situation differently than most employment injuries. For example, state workers' compensation programs do not apply to you, and there is no administrative agency that will oversee your injury claim — that's why you need a law firm that specifically knows how to handle maritime injury litigation.

What Governs Maritime Litigation?

You might be asking yourself how maritime litigation is different. Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Jones Act) highlights the rights and protections of American seamen and is a basis of what our maritime injury litigation service focuses on. Of course, this all depends on where your accident occurred, as well as many other details.

Other laws, such as the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act and Death on the High Seas Act, can also play roles in how your case will be handled. On top of these complicated laws, you are also likely dealing with domestic and international oil and gas companies, shipping companies, and their insurance companies. Your case can become very complex, very quickly.

Whatever the circumstances of your incident, Omar Ochoa Law Firm is well versed in the many rules and regulations that will control the outcome of your case.

Whether you were injured at the Port of Brownsville, offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, or on inland waters on a dredging barge, contact us to determine your options and learn how to move forward.

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