Attorney Omar Ochoa Featured in Law360 Pulse & US Reporter

Omar Ochoa is our founding attorney. He is a nationally recognized lawyer that is experienced in a wide range of litigation matters. We are excited to share that he was recently featured in the US Reporter and Law360 Pulse. Below, we will discuss each article in more detail.

Law360 Pulse | Knowing You Want to Be a Lawyer

Law360 Pulse aims to help its readership stay up-to-date on legal issues and industry insights. They deliver comprehensive news updates and insights concerning major lawsuits and decisions, policy changes, the direction of the legal industry, regional news updates, and more.

In their Valentine’s Day article, Law 360 Pulse: The Modern Lawyer shared stories from lawyers recounting “the moment they knew law would be one of the great loves of their lives.” Attorney Ochoa is amongst the attorneys highlighted in this article. Even though he knew he wanted to be a lawyer since he was in the 1st grade, he didn’t actually fall in love with law until he interned for a law office during his sophomore year of high school. It was during this internship that he got to sit in real courtrooms and witness:

  • Lawyers defending their clients and upholding the law
  • Victims, the accused, and their respective families navigating the legal system and the emotional rollercoaster as they heard case arguments and rulings
  • The real power and impact of the law

Read the article for more details.

US Reporter | Response to the Blocking of Biden’s Vaccine/Test Mandate

The US Reporter is an online news publication that keeps its readership abreast of the latest trends, global news, and industry authority press releases. The publication has a global readership and publishes content related to sports, technology, entertainment, entrepreneurship, public policy, and more.

In their recent article, “Omar Ochoa: How Public Health Officials Can Cope With the Blocking of Biden’s Vaccine/Test Mandate,” they discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to block part of the administration’s COVID-19 mitigation plan. Attorney Ochoa discusses his thoughts on what this decision means going forward and how healthcare workers and officials can respond. Believing that the ruling was unsurprising, he asserts, “This is not a situation in which courts want to set a precedent to allow for government restrictions.”

You can read the full article here.

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