5 Ways to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Home

No matter what time of year, storms have the potential to cause significant damage to your home. However, you have an opportunity to prepare your home and minimize the risk of damage when a storm comes. Such preventative measures can help you avoid expensive repairs in the aftermath of severe weather. 

Regularly Inspect Your Roof 

While a brand-new roof should hold up during storms, roofing systems that are more than 15 years old can run the risk of sudden deterioration. Additionally, older roofs can be compromised during severe weather situations – despite having no past issues. 

You should inspect your roof if it is five to ten years old or older. Check for any loose shingles, tiles, sheathing, and nails. Severe weather can blow off shingles and tiles, as well as loosen nails and sheathing, which dislodges the roofing or creates openings for potential leaks. 

Secure Items Outside 

Loose items such as furniture, grills, and decorations can become projectiles during high winds and storms, which can cause damage to your home and roof. Make sure these items are removed or secured. 

Remove Dead Wood 

Dead wood or hanging branches could also become projectiles during high winds and storms. To avoid structural damage to your home caused by flying branches and wood, regularly trim your trees. 

Identify Draining Issues 

Although it is imperative to keep your gutters clean, there could be other sources of draining issues around your home, including areas where water can drain onto your home’s foundation and cause significant structural damage. Contact a landscaping expert to help you find problems and make the necessary repairs before a storm strikes. 

Install Impact-Related Windows 

Boarding up your windows or using hurricane shutters may be able to protect your home. However, older windows can still be vulnerable to leaks compared to new windows. If you live in an area that frequently experiences severe weather conditions, you should install windows that are specifically designed to withstand high winds and storms.  

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