If You’ve Discovered Health Care Fraud, Then Our Whistleblower Lawyer Wants to Help You!

If you’ve made a career in health care as a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse, or an office employee, then you know just how rewarding the field can be. Now imagine having a rewarding career but suddenly discovering that your employer or fellow employee has been committing health care fraud.

This scenario, unfortunately, becomes a harsh reality for countless health care employees each year. Perhaps the most nerve-racking thing of all is not knowing how to go about handling the situation.

Should you report it to Human Resources? How about a close friend or relative? Should you instead go straight to the authorities? With so many questions that need answering, our qui tam lawyer in McAllen wants to help you!

Why Omar Ochoa?

You might be wondering why an attorney would make a great professional confidante to have if you’re considering blowing the whistle on health care fraud. A whistleblower attorney knows exactly what you’re going through, first and foremost. The pressure of deciding who to speak to about your discovery, or even speaking out about it at all, is a burden that no one should have to deal with.

Omar Ochoa knows exactly what you’re dealing with now and what might lay on your road in the future. Know that Mr. Ochoa is one of the most revered and respected lawyers in his field.

He’s helped past clients with their whistleblower cases and has secured insurmountable amounts in rewards thanks to his stringent work ethic and passion to see his clients be treated fairly.

Contact Us if You’re Ready to Blow the Whistle

If you’ve discovered fraud in your health care workplace that needs to be brought to light, then reach out to us. We’ll make sure that your rights are uphold, all while ensuring that your case receives the amount of attention to detail it deserves. Our whistleblower lawyer in McAllen is ready to hear your story.

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