Health Care Fraud: How Health Providers Defraud Their Patients and Insurers

Health care fraud can be one of the most detrimental occurrences in the nation. This goes for both private citizens and even the economy. This type of fraud is much too common and results in tens of billions of dollars in costs each year. For private citizens, having to deal with an insurer that’s uncooperative can take a serious toll on their finances and even health. In this piece, we’ll be going over how insurers commit fraud and why you should come to our attorney in McAllen to help you.

Illegal Acts

Below, we’ll be going over a few illegal acts that health providers commit when attempting to defraud a patient:

  • Billing services or treatments that haven’t been performed. This is done by using a patient’s information.
  • Conducting services that are minor but billing them as more serious treatments. For example, performing a simple physical but reporting that blood tests and more costly services were conducted. This is known as “upcoding”.
  • Performing services that are unnecessary in order to generate higher insurance payments.
  • Falsifying a patient’s diagnosis in order to conduct expensive services. This can include performing tests or even surgeries that aren’t even necessary.
  • Taking each step of a procedure and billing them separately.
  • Billing a patient at a higher cost than their co-pay amount for services that were already prepaid or paid in full by their benefit plan.
  • Accepting kickbacks for patient referrals.

Seeking Legal Help

As you can see, the above are just a few acts that health providers commit against their patients and insurers. If you happen to discover some form of wrongdoing that may fall under health care fraud, then it’s extremely important to seek the help of an attorney in McAllen. The Omar Ochoa Law Firm is well aware of the acts that both health providers and insurers commit against patients. You have rights, so know that you may have a strong case if your trust has been violated to commit health care fraud.

Contact Our Health Care Fraud Attorney in McAllen

If you believe that health care fraud has been committed against you, then we want to know. Reach out to us as soon as you can to find out what your options are. If we feel that you have a strong case on your hands, then we’ll create a blueprint to secure the justice you deserve.

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