5 Different Ways You Can Report Health Care Fraud

The last thing many of us expect when seeking medical attention is unknowingly being defrauded. But for many people working in the health care field, fraud is a topic that’s well-known and even experienced. If you happen to work for a health provider and have noticed some form of fraud or questionable practice, what should you do? Who should you go to? In this blog, we’ll be addressing this.

Get Informed About What to Do

One of the first things you should do after discovering health care fraud committed by your employer is getting informed about what to do. You can do this through reaching out to our whistleblower attorney in McAllen. You can also visit the National Health-Care Anti-Fraud Association’s frequently asked questions page.

Contact Your Insurer

If you’re employed by a health provider and have discovered fraudulent activity against an insurer, then take a stand. Contact the insurance company being defrauded. You can do so directly by phone or by reaching out through its website.

Contact the Fraud Bureau

Another trusted option to report health care fraud is through the State Insurance Fraud Bureau. Simply look up your state and make the call.

Reach Out to the State Medical Boards

You can also get into contact with your state’s medical boards. You can follow this link to look up your state’s contact information.

Have Our Attorney Help You

There’s no doubt that discovering fraud and figuring out what to do next is extremely overwhelming. That’s why our health care fraud attorney wants to help you. Find out how Omar Ochoa can help bring the wrongdoing you’ve discovered to light.

Our Attorney Wants to Help You

As we mentioned above, exposing any form of wrongdoing can be incredibly hard. As a whistleblower, you have rights that protect you and our attorney can make that happen. Contact the Omar Ochoa Law Firm today to find out how strong of a case you have on your hands.

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