3 Myths You Should Know About Being a Health Care Fraud Whistleblower

Discovering that the health care provider you work for has committed some form of fraud can be a serious burden to deal with. Imagine knowing that your employer has done something illegal that can put the company in jeopardy. It’s a position that no one wants to be in, but each year, many are.

There are many myths surrounding this topic, especially if one decides to speak out about it. Here are a few myths to know that can help encourage you to make the right choice and speak to our whistleblower lawyer in McAllen.

Myth 1: I’ll get fired if I report health care fraud.

This is one of the most common myths about being a health care fraud whistleblower. Although it’s very possible to be terminated for speaking up about the fraud you’ve discovered, there are laws that can work as a safety net for you.

The False Claims Act can come into play here as well as state laws to help you if you’re terminated from your job. Also, many health care providers know that if they fire a whistleblower, they’ll be making things worse for themselves.

Myth 2: If I discover fraud, I can only report it to my employer.

Another popular myth is that health care workers can only report the wrongdoing they’ve discovered to their employers. This puts them in a tough spot since they’ll be exposing themselves without any legal protection.

This also isn’t true. You can report fraud to anyone, even a qui tam lawyer in McAllen like Omar Ochoa, so do the right thing and expose what you’ve discovered.

Myth 3: All I have to do is use a Medicaid Hotline to report what I’ve discovered.

There are many resources available for those wanting to expose health care fraud. Knowing which are the best is the tricky part. You might think that using a generic Medicaid hotline to report the fraud you’ve discovered should be fine. This is far from true.

It’s important to know that a whistleblower lawyer in McAllen should be your first choice. Omar Ochoa has the extensive experience needed to handle health care fraud whistleblower cases. Reach out to us now!

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Out

Our whistleblower lawyer in McAllen wants to help you expose the wrongdoing you’ve discovered. Mr. Ochoa has many years’ experience in handling health care fraud whistleblower cases. If you’re tired of being afraid of speaking out, then get in touch with us today!

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