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It’s essential to know that, when speaking of the country’s health care system, incidents of fraud should not fall on a patient’s shoulders. It isn’t unusual for patients to deal with charges for procedures that weren’t performed or procedures that should have been performed but weren’t.

These are just two examples, but we’ll be going into more detail in this piece about the topic. At the Omar Ochoa Law Firm, we know that dealing with health care fraud can be stressful, especially if you’re unsure of how to go about handling a claim. If you suspect this sort of wrongdoing, then we want to provide four ways to make dealing with this type of fraud easier. Above all, these can make your case easier to handle after you report your situation to us.

Reporting to a Trusted Medical Professional

Most professionals in the healthcare industry are sworn to help patients, and this can extend beyond medical help. Many care about your overall wellness, whether they’re treating you for the flu or even watching out for your wallet. High costs can make anyone’s head spin, so if you’ve noticed incorrect costs that’ve been charged to you, then we can speak up for you. We understand that mistakes happen, but this doesn’t mean that they should be swept under the rug. If you suspect or witness fraud or a similar type of wrongdoing, then bring the issue up to us.

Document Your Visits

It’s your right to record medical visits. Of course, it’s always a good idea to extend this professional courtesy by informing your physician of your intentions ahead of time. Many practitioners generally won’t mind and may even be doing the same thing. It can include what was discussed, the questions you asked and which medications were prescribed to you. If some form of wrongdoing has been committed, then you’ll be one step ahead when you come with us with these important documentations.

It’s also recommended to do so if you’re an employee in a practicing establishment. If you suspect that your employer is committing any type of wrongdoing regarding the medical field, make sure to document instances with specific details and contact us to review them and help with your claim.

Don’t be Afraid to Report

Picking up a phone and calling a Medicare or Medicaid representative is another excellent option if you suspect something is amiss with your healthcare needs. If you’re an employee working in an establishment that’s willfully committed some form of medical fraud, then come to us. Know that, as a whistleblower, you have rights and protections, all of which we can help you with. Contact us to discuss how to go about handling the situation.

Contact Us Today

We count on and trust our medical system to work well. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. At the Omar Ochoa Law Firm, we recognize the need for proper representation, which is why we’re always ready to fight for you. Contact our insurance litigation attorney in McAllen today for more information.

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