How Much Money Can I Receive in My Case by Reporting Health Care Fraud as a Whistleblower?

Finding out that your medical care employer has committed health care fraud can be a hard pill to swallow. You might even be wondering if what you’ve discovered is serious and should be reported.

First of all, it should. Fraud is illegal and should be exposed. As a whistleblower, you might be hesitant to expose this fraud to law enforcement or an attorney, but don’t be. Remember, you’ll be doing the right thing.

One thing that many whistleblowers are unaware of is that if a whistleblower case is successfully handled and the fraud that’s been reported has been proven to have occurred, then the whistleblower may receive a monetary award. How much can a whistleblower receive?

Let’s take a look.

How Much Can You Get?

First and foremost, we suggest coming to see us as soon as you suspect that you’ve discovered health care fraud committed by your employer. We’ll first go over what you’ve learned and come up with the best course of action to take for your qui tam claim.

Claims filed under the False Claims Act in the past have resulted in large recoveries for the Department of Justice and whistleblowers. In 2017 alone, the Department of Justice obtained almost $4 billion in collected settlements and judgments resulting from civil cases that involved fraud.

Of that, $2.4 billion involved claims within the health care industry. Under the False Claims Act, a whistleblower can receive anywhere between 15% and 25% of a settlement or judgment.

Contact Us to Help with Your Claim

Filing a qui tam case can be an overwhelming situation to deal with. That’s why our whistleblower lawyer in McAllen wants to help. Omar Ochoa is one of the most well-known and respected figures in the field, and it’s in your best interest to reach out to our firm to find out what we can do for you!

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