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Knowing if you have a strong qui tam (whistleblower) case can be quite confusing and requires specific details to ensure that it holds well in court. Presenting a whistleblower case itself is a different matter and is a responsibility that falls on your attorney, but know that there are a few things you can do to ensure that it’s strong.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first highlight the fact that uncovering any type of evidence of wrongdoing within a company or government body can be a lot to handle. Many things might be running through your head, such as “Should I keep notes on what I saw?”, “Who should I talk to about this?” and “Should I even talk about this at all?” These are all relevant and important questions to ask yourself, but we’re here to help you understand your situation better.

Understanding Violations

It’s essential to make sure that you have the necessary knowledge to understand and identify specific violations that fall under the industry of the company for which you’ve discovered wrongdoing in. Does said violation involve company practices? How about its financials? No matter what the wrongdoing falls under, if it in some way constitutes a violation that harms the company’s integrity and is illegal, then the information you have can be used in a qui tam case.

Know Who Can Be a Whistleblower

Most of the time, whistleblowers tend to be current or former employees of companies that committed a violation. However, know that this isn’t always the case. Anyone that has specific knowledge of some sort of wrongdoing within a company can speak out against any violation that said company committed. There are also federal laws that protect you, so do the right thing and speak with us about your situation.

Have Solid Evidence

As with any type of wrongdoing or crime, solid evidence of the activity must exist in order to build a strong case to be presented in court. Such things as the type of violation that was committed, when it occurred, who was responsible and even others who have knowledge of it are crucial to know and document if possible. Bring this information to us and we can help you determine if it can be useful in a possible qui tam case.

Talk to Us

Many people who’ve discovered some form of wrongdoing within a company or something similar will generally keep the information to themselves for fear of being exposed and retaliated against. Trust us, we fully understand your apprehension and fear. But we strongly encourage you to talk to us about what you’ve witnessed or discovered. Many times, illegal corporate activities will continue on if they’re ignored, placing the integrity of the company and reputations of those who run it (and who aren’t involved in the wrongdoing) at risk. Talk to us, we want to help you.

We Want to Help You

If you’ve discovered some form of illegal activity or other violation within a company, then reach out to us. It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee or not, this wrongdoing should stop and we want to help you bring this case to light. Contact our whistleblower lawyer in McAllen today to get started.

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