Hail Storm Damage: How to Go About Dealing with the Aftermath and an Insurer Acting in Bad Faith

This year marks the sixth anniversary of the disastrous hail storm that hit Mcallen in 2012. The storm left the city with an estimated $200 million cost in damages to both homes and businesses due to golfball-sized hail, winds and rain. Similarly, in early April, San Antonio and northern cities, such as Fort Worth, were met with a hail storm that brought similar damages.

Baseball-sized hail resulted in $1.4 billion in estimated insured losses, and that number is expected to increase. Our law firm knows how tedious filing an insurance claim due to hail damage can be. It’s also somewhat common for people to deal with unsupportive insurers that act in bad faith. Let’s go over a few things you can do in the aftermath of a hailstorm, along with how to handle a bad faith insurance claim.

Serious Weather

It’s a given that hail can result in high levels of damage to different areas of properties, such as roofs, windows, garages, etc. Hail can also damage utilities like air-conditioning units and roof vents, adding even more to the cost of repairs. Since hail-related damage is unique (dents in metal and wood, and circular cracks in windows), most homeowners catch on quickly of the scope of repairs that need to be made. Filling a claim with your insurer can take some time and sometimes results in constantly going back and forth with an insurance adjuster.

What to Do

Immediately following a hail storm, we suggest contacting a contractor to evaluate damages and gauge a proper estimate of costs, if any. Remember, preparing yourself with your own estimate will put you one step ahead of your insurer. Hail-related damage can be extremely costly, often resulting in thousands of dollars in damages. Once damages have been evaluated by a contractor and a total estimate has been determined, reach out to your insurer.

Be Patient and Aware

Insurance companies prepare themselves for events such as hail storms. They know that hundreds or perhaps thousands of claims will be filed where compensation will be needed. We like to believe that insurance companies have our best interests at heart, however, this isn’t always the case.

Remember, many insurers are in the market to make as much money as possible without having to provide large payouts to clients for their claims. As such, it isn’t uncommon for them to deny claims or offer less-than-expected amounts of compensation for damages. If you feel that your insurer is giving you some kind of run-around or acting in bad faith, you will need the help of an attorney.

Even Out the Fight

Choosing an attorney who is experienced in handling disputes with insurance companies is the best option for anyone having to deal with an insurance claim. An attorney can help hold an insurer responsible for their duty to assist clients with their claims. The right attorney can reach out and outline exactly how an insurance company is failing to comply with its duties.

The Representation You Need

Trying times call for competent and trusted legal assistance. At the Omar Ochoa Law Firm, we are confident in our skills and believe we can help if you have a strong case. Contact our attorney in McAllen today for the aggressive trial lawyer you need.

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